About Me

I am a Business Analyst at CGI Federal, and a recent graduate of James Madison University with a BBA in Computer Information Systems. My passion for technology began in 2010 when I moved to the United States and quickly learned English, where I built my first computer and have been pursuing my love for technology ever since.

Throughout my studies, I have gained a wealth of knowledge in computer systems and data analysis, which I am excited to showcase in my future endeavors. In addition to my academic background, I have a diverse work experience, starting as a lifeguard at 15 and quickly climbing the ranks to become the facility manager where I was responsible for managing many aquatic facilities over time. Through experiences such as this, I have strengthened my communication and leadership skills and am confident in my ability to take on new challenges and responsibilities.

I am a continuous learner, with a deep interest in exploring new topics and expanding my skillset. I am eager to apply my knowledge and abilities to solve problems and make a positive impact in my field. Currently, I am building an automated advertising application using Python and various AI models, hoping to release later this year! Please feel free to download my resume and contact me via phone or email for any further information. Thank you for visiting my website!

Contact Details

Naram Alhasani
Fairfax County, Virginia
(734) 578-4216


James Madison University

B.B.A Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics May 2023

I recently graduated from James Madison University with a degree in CIS, with coursework related to Database design and Implementation, Intermediate Programming with Java and Python, Business Intelligence and Data Analysis, Systems Analysis and Design, Business Law as well as many others. Throughout my time here at JMU, I have been able to grow my skills tremendously and build long lasting relationships with peers and mentors which I will cherish for a long time to come!


CGI Federal

Business Analyst= June 2022- Current

I am currently a Technical Business Analyst supporting a client of CGI in the development of a highly specialized information System. My duties involve requirements gathering, systems analysis, client communication, regression testing, query analysis, storyboarding as well as creating and maintining technical documentation.

CGI Federal

Business Analyst Intern May-August 2022

Delivered a high level Go-To-Market Strategy Dashboard effective in communicating status of tracking and tasking derived from GTMS framework activities, including effective stakeholder metrics and points of interest to be utilized as a functional decision making tool. In order to accomplish this I used the Atlassian JIRA Project management API to extract GTMS Data, and through that I was able to develop a high level powerBI dashboard functional in displaying metrics collected in real time. During this time, I was also responsible for assisting in Executing technical aspects of Feasibility Studies on emerging technologies.

James Madison University Recreation

Aquatics Staff Manager December 2020 - November 2021

During my time at University Recreation, I worked with a large team of lifeguards where I was responsible for Scheduling, Event Programming, Creating Staff Forms, In service Trainings, as well as the certification of lifeguards through The Red Cross. I began as a Lifeguard, then became an on deck manager and later took on the position of Staff Manager.

NV Pools

Still Pond Facility (Lifeguard/Head Lifeguard/Staff Manager) May 2016 - Sept 2020

Working with NV Pools was my first job at age 15, I quickly climbed through the ranks and obtained required certifications. When I became a certified Pool Operator at age 16, I began to balance and maintain chemical safety as the person responsible for the facility during the absence of the manager. I later became Head Lifeguard and eventually Manager of the Facility for two years. During this time, I was also a certified Lifeguard Instructor, where I was also training and certifying future lifeguards, as well as teaching swim lessons and organizing neighborhood group lessons.


During my time at James Madison University, and CGI Federal, I have been able to really strengthen my functional and technical skills, here are a few:

  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • PowerBI
  • SQL
  • Systems Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Market Research
  • .NET
  • Web Development

Future Learning Track

My course work is aimed at strengthening my skills in c#, Network Security, and Systems Design. I am currently working with the .NET6 Framework and Razor pages to create interactive webapps. I am looking to further enhance my knowledge of technical systems, and acquiring required certifications. If youre looking for someone with a similar skillset who is willing to take on new responsibilities, reach out!

Looking forward to meeting all of you!


  • Naram has demonstrated exceptional technical ability, process, adaptation, and execution on critical ETAP development and feasibility study goals. He has been integral in the development of tracking systems and dashboards, automating and displaying team function at an executive level

    William Hall
    Director of Emerging IP
    CGI Federal
  • You have shown a speed and ability to solve problems that I have not seen in my students before. The speed at which you are able to pick up new skills is amazing.

    Dr. Dmytro Babik
    Professor of Information Systems
    James Madison University